How Can I Spy On Someone Else’s Skype In 2020?

MSpy is an application that allows you to monitor Skype conversations on other electronic devices (among other things) by doing remote monitoring. Keep track of calls, messages, and multimedia files associated with a Skype account. In this way, you can spy on the conversations, and therefore each one of the messages received and sent by the user to any of their contacts.

This MSpy feature allows you to easily track the activity of any Skype account. Through it, you can:

  • Spy on text messages sent and received by the user through Skype chat.
  • Review the calls received and made from the monitored Skype account.
  • Browse shared media files, such as images, videos, etc.
  • View information about the contacts that interact with the account: name and Skype user.

In addition, this tool allows you to export Skype history from any cell phone and, as we have mentioned, spy on deleted conversations, which is not possible using other services.

In short, among other functions, the software discovers the Skype conversations of any person and monitors the mobile phone incognito.

How does it work?

To start viewing the logs of the monitored Skype gutter, go to the MSpy control panel and select the Skype tab. Once inside, you will be able to view all the data related to it, be it messages or calls.

When you start, the panel will place you on the All registered activities tab, where you will see a list of five columns, where each of the interactions that the monitored user has made or received are listed.

The different columns will allow you to know the following data:

  • Type: indicates whether the message has been received or sent by the target phone.
  • Name: name of the Skype contact with whom you interacted.
  • Skype ID: Skype user identifier.
  • Message: the content of messages received or sent from mobile, text, multimedia files, or call. In the case of calls, you will see a clarification next to the duration of the same.
  • Time: date and time the message was made or received.

From the top of the panel for Skype, you can filter the recorded data, that is, select the activities you want to view. For example, you can choose to view All logged activities, only Calls, or only Messages through the corresponding tabs.

How to get the Skype monitoring tool?

If you want to track the Skype account of a mobile device, you should know that obtaining the tool to do so is very easy; all you have to do is purchase the Premium Package from among the different plans that MSpy offers, as it is the only one that offers this function.

Once you get the Premium plan and you have downloaded and installed the application, all you have to do is access the MSpy Control Panel, select the Skype tab, and voila! So you can start monitoring any Skype account incognito.

Note: In order to use this function, you must apply root (Android) or jailbreak (iOS) on the target mobile phone.

The software is perfectly compatible with iOS (iPhone) and Android cell phones. You can easily spy on any Skype account from any phone, receive all the shared data through the application, and even access deleted conversations.

Keep in mind that this option is specific to cell phones and is not available in the computer application. However, thanks to the Keylogger functionality, also available for PC, you can spy on messages sent from Skype on any computer.

Finally, if you want to start seeing the messages that someone else sends through Skype on their cell phone, log in, and register your account today!