WhatsApp Messages: How to Monitor

Have you ever wondered how access WhatsApp messages without taking a phone and reading them? Many people would die to read these messages, not literally, but this is an increasingly popular demand. Some software may come to the assistance and this review will help you satisfy your curiosity.

WhatsApp Basics: WhatsGreat

Whatsapp-Spy-apps-for-IphoneThis is a common app designed to provide you with a nice chatting experience using any device, including most smartphones, tablets, and a computer. You have the Internet connection – you have live chats.

The texts remain free of charge even if you do not have Wi-Fi that is why teens love this free opportunity so much. However, you can only use this free option if you exchange messages with a person who also uses WhatsApp.

Either way, the program itself is free to download, so every person can get it and start using in moments. Besides, you are not connected to a particular device as the program works well across many platforms and devices. Another nice feature is the ability to create group chats or conferences.

WhatsApp Specific: Why a Problem

How-To-Spy-On-Whatsapp-Messages-370x215If you require to access the WhatsApp messages, you may face difficulties because the way the app works and exchanges data does not allow typical spy software to get to these messages. The latter are not regular SMSs and MMSs, so they cannot be tracked easily.

To keep up and solve that problem, spy software developers came up with some solutions, so several advanced spy programs support monitoring WhatsApp among other popular messenger services. The issue is that they work under certain conditions and have strict limitations.

Meeting Specific Conditions

The aforementioned problem requires a careful solution. Firstly, you should check whether your device meets specific conditions:

  • It is an Android phone or iOS device.
  • Your device should be rooted (you can check articles related to this issue).
  • iOS devices should be jailbroken.
  • You cannot monitor the device remotely; the spy app should be installed onto the target apparatus.

Thus, it is not possible to track WhatsApp messages on Symbian nor BlackBerry phones. Moreover, setting the things up requires time and effort.

Picking Up an Appropriate Spy App

By good fortune, you have a few options to consider. We are sorry for those people who hate weighing options and studying the possibilities. We recommend you to study the features each app offers and think of how you can benefit from each one.

The apps mentioned below are worth a separate review, so here we focus on some vital nuances only:

  • mSpy – gives you access to iMessage, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, BB Messenger, and Twitter.
  • FlexiSpy – tracks texts in iMessage, Viber, Skype, BB Messenger, and other messengers.
  • Mobile Spy – our favorite for some time, not anymore (they do not support a hidden mode as for now). It does not allow monitoring Facebook, Twitter, and Skype communication.

We have tested each one, and can recommend them because they have accomplished the task and helped us reach our goals. The comparison of these pieces of software shows that they have a good functionality, but for a different price. Thus, do not pay for anything that you will hardly use.

How to monitor a WhatsApp conversation? It is just like that: determine what app fits your requirements and meets your budget and try it. It is advised to study a complete review of a chosen spy app, visit their website, and try a demo version to get an idea of how its dashboard works and what you may dislike about their interface.

The technology is changing, so stay tuned by checking for our updates, new releases, and some observations. Keep pace with the world of technologies and clever solutions!