Three Spy Apps to Consider: The Features of FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy, and mSpy

Some spy mobile apps are so great that they attract the attention of every professional. However, non-specialists often get lost in numerous features and long descriptions. This review is created to save your time and help you pick the spy software. We tried to incorporate everything important here, but some new features may come up, so we will add them later.

Important Update: As of April 2016, the Stealthgenie app is unavailable. Their website is not running because their CEO is under a legal case. Another update is that we cannot recommend Mobile Spy anymore because they have removed a few important features so the app is not as secured as it used to be – now you cannot remove the app icon from the screen.

In the current review, it is impossible to consider everything, so if you need more insight, we welcome you to read our other reviews about spy products on the market and you can also check the websites of the producers.


Top-Three: FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy, and mSpy

Before making a purchase, it makes sense to check what features are included in a basic package and what you get if you make more investment. The comparison of FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy, and mSpy applications shows us that:

  • All the apps record call history and text messages; allow to view contacts, media content, and emails; track location; provide WhatsApp data, iMessage, BB message, and Viber messages; give control over apps (block/lock).
  • Only FlexiSpy has a Geo Fencing feature, can record calls and surrounding sounds.
  • Mobile Spy offers the worst functionality, as compared with the other apps.
  • FlexiSpy has the largest number of options.
  • MSpy seems better than Mobile Spy, but you should check whether the latter has everything that you need (no point to spend more and not use the features).

The teams of developers update the products, add new features, and attract users with great support.

A Battle: FlexiSpy versus mSpy

spy eye program
spy eye program

If comparing the basic packages, these two apps are fierce competitors. They share most basic features for almost the same price. However, FlexiSpy has a serious advantage: it offers amazing call and surrounding recording that works nearly perfect, at least when the Internet connection is decent. Moreover, they have a call intercept feature that adds value for the same money.

Most people search for the aforementioned features, so they work fine unless there is any break in the call connection between the spying and monitored devices. Fortunately, the connectivity issues become less common these days.

What about mSpy? Well, they have removed the call recording features because of possible legal complications, but the program still has something to offer to its users.

While comparing the other features, the two competitors are quite similar and provide qualitative services. The outstanding thing is that mSpy allows to spy on iPhones without jailbreaking the device. You can install it remotely. Since some limitations apply in such a case, check our separate review on mSpy, which highlights more details.

If you want to challenge FlexiSpy on 100%, you need to get their Extreme version that is the most expensive one, as you can guess. Their famous call recording features are included in the Extreme package, so get ready to pay if you need them. Consider purchasing their 3-month Extreme package, which comes at a reduced price, so check the service out.

But then, MSpy stays a cheaper option because they provide short-term contracts from 1 month to 6 months. Such price policy allows them to stay the bestselling spy app.

The longer-term packages always provide a better per month price, so consider something short-term if you are not familiar with spy mobile software or think that it might not work out for you for some reason.

Mobile Spy’s Position on the Market

explore2Important Update: Before we get to Mobile Spy features, let us tell you that now you cannot hide this app on a target device. They had to change their policies so that their icon is visible on the monitored device. You cannot hide it by any means, so the app cannot provide you with anonymity anymore.

This app is the cheapest app in our list with a good history and some amazing features in a long list of options. It can be regarded as an alternative to FlexiSpy and mSpy if you do not require to record/intercept calls. Besides, they manage to provide you with the longest track record for a lower price. The obvious disadvantage is that the user, whom you are monitoring, may easily detect that his or her apparatus is being monitored.

So, if you do not care about call recording and do not bother about that icon, this is a good deal for less than $50 for 3 months while the advanced, full-packed version costs less than $140. Packages from FlexiSpy and mSpy with similar functionality start from about $200.

The Bottom Line: And the Winner Is…

In a comparison review, something should be declared better than the other. In real life, the situation is more complicated than that. We cannot say this app is better than that app because we only have a general understanding of your needs, do not have any ideas about your target phone, can barely guess about your budget, and may get lost thinking of your personal preferences.

What we can do is to draw general conclusions and provide you with some further guidelines. So, we selected the top apps, checked out their demo versions, and compared the core features.

The best seller today is mSpy. This app costs less than FlexiSpy, but the latter has some advanced features that Mobile Spy does not provide. MSpy and FlexiSpy both performed well during the tests and demonstrated that they are designed to meet user expectations. These two are our favorites so far!

If you want to focus on Apple device monitoring apps, read our review of the software created to monitor children phones without jailbreak and any hassles. Pay your attention to mSpy and skip non-hidden, exposed PhoneSheriff.