The Trusted, Well-Known App: Meet Mobile Spy

Sometimes, old, well-known products are still a good choice, especially if they are upgraded regularly. We use Mobile Spy quite often and, for sure, it is worth your trust. The following review will answer the question if it is the best option or not.

Important update: As of June 2015, we can hardly recommend this app because it does not provide a “hidden” mode anymore. They cannot remove/hide the icon from the screen of the tracked device, as this is against their new terms.

The company also withdrew some of the useful features, including PhoneSheriff Investigator. So, if you want to stay concealed and use PhoneSheriff, go to our reviews of mSpy and FlexiSpy. Most people use spy mobile apps to monitor target devices anonymously, so it looks like they won’t pay for Mobile Spy any longer. The number of requested refunds grows and the app may close down soon.

Mobile Spy Basic Facts

cellphone_free-825x460Mobile Spy is famous for their constancy – they have provided their services for 12+ years and have not changed their brand. The company operates legally and treats their clients in a respectful manner. They accept payments via the main payment systems. You won’t find any symptoms of scam on their website because they are an old reliable service provider with the years of experience.

Their website is worth a separate review. First, the resource is well-laid and functional. Second, all the contact info is valid and the phone number is real. Moreover, they were given an A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Finally yet importantly, 150,000+ units sold is an amazing result that truly matters.

So, the app is reputable and trustworthy – this is the opinion of tens of thousands of users which you cannot ignore. The software works and all the promised features and benefits are there. This is an example of the app that promises what it does. No scam, no false declarations – this trusted monitoring software fulfills your needs and helps you receive the data you want.

Compatibility with Devices

Mobile Spy is compatible with iPhone (up to 7.1.2), Android (up to 4.4.3), BlackBerry (up to 7.1), Windows Mobile (only version 6), and Symbian (up to 9.5). If you try to monitor an Android Tablet or iPad with a compatible OS version, you can do so too.

So, most Android, iPhone, Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows smartphones can get under your surveillance. However, the model of the device can make a difference, so check if a particular model is currently supported.

Characteristics of Mobile Spy

shutterstock_158176568-825x510Mobile Spy has everything characteristic for a top-notch product: call logs, monitoring texts, tracking location, access to email, history of web browsing, and some phone files. The phone files usually include photos, videos, and a list of contacts.

The difference from competitors is that this app is provided in two basic editions: the Standard Basic and Premium version. The advanced feature that we like this product for is its Live Control Panel. It is an add-on for a Premium version. Many other great advanced features are provided in the Standard Package, which costs less than basic/standard versions of other apps.

The prices for Mobile Spy have not changed for a while and depend on the term of the contract:

  • Standard package: starts from $49.97 (3 months) to $99.97 (6 months)
  • Premium version: starts from $64.97 (3 months) to $139.97 (6 months).

Standard Package and Advanced Features

This package is far more onward than other similar apps with the following additional options:

  • Follow what a monitored person posts on Facebook, sends via WhatsApp/iMessage/BlackBerry Pin Messages/GTalk, and performs using Windows Live features.
  • Get the list of YouTube videos watched.
  • Monitor Dropbox files.
  • Find out what happens with Gmail account.
  • Get an alert when the user of a target device dials a particular phone number or search for a particular keyword in the browser.
  • Monitor the list of installed and downloaded apps.
  • Perform some actions remotely using a dashboard, e.g. lock the device, delete files, receive information from the SIM card, and more.
  • See all the details on the dashboard screen online, including last updates, OS version, phone settings, etc.

And this is the Standard version – pretty impressive, isn’t it?

A Few Extras

The Live Control Panel can add these features to your user experience:

  • Take a screenshot in real time to find out what apps are running.
  • Track the device and see its location on the map in near real time.
  • Send a particular log or all logs to your email address.

Although you may not use these features, it is always great to have an idea on how you can boost the app’s functionality. Another nuance is that some features are not compatible with all types of apparatuses, so check it out before upgrading your package.

Online Demo

If you still cannot decide, just try their demo version. You can set up the account on Mobile Spy website quickly and try a dashboard to see how everything works.

Monitoring Multiple Devices and Sniper Spy

We cannot skip the fact that Mobile Spy can monitor multiple devices, which is perfect for big families and small companies.

And meet Sniper Spy – a piece of software that can monitor a PC, laptop, and even Mac. Normally, it costs $80, but you can get a free subscription if you purchase the app for 12 months.

Our Verdict

Mobile Spy has been the best for many users. You need to think of your intentions before purchasing any package. Definitely, this app is reliable, functional, and supportive. You may not like the design, but we would say that this is the optimal value for money that we have seen for a long while.

The product is cheaper than similar apps, including mSpy, but the problem is Mobile Spy is not concealed from a person who owns a target device. Again, this is not something that any advanced features can help you with.

Either way, Mobile Spy is a trusted, well-known solution that helps users comply with legal regulations.