StealthGenie Review

The SteathGenie application is a popular choice for parents who monitor their kids’ activities. Although now the software is not on sale, it is worthy to figure out what a good tracking solution for parents should look like. The company’s website is not active and the program’s dashboard is down too, so we analyzed other sources, customer feedback, and our observations in the past to prepare this StealthGenie Review.

Meeting the App: Reporting and Logging

Typical features include tracking and recording outgoing and incoming calls. You also get the complete logging history. StealthGenie records the full-text messages and emails too, including related logs. One of the distinctive features of this software is that it allows the users to track BlackBerry Messenger and Gtalk.

You will get access to the contacts, calendar events, sent and received media files, and the history of the visited websites. The program records the URLs related logs as well.

Bugging the device is the feature that we highly appreciate. In theory, it helps you listen to the surroundings, using either the live mode or making a record and listening to it later. The latter option runs fine, but the former one works well only with the perfect Internet connection.

StealthGenie can notify you about a SIM change as well as alert you if a particular number is being dialed. The program allows you to control the target apparatus by locking it and sending some other commands remotely.


Tracking GPS Whereabouts

StealthGenie enables its users to define safe and restricted areas and receive a notification if the tracked apparatus leaves the safe territory and enters the restricted one. It also supports a Geo Fencing feature.

StealthGenie reviewLimited Blocking Capability

The app offers some blocking options. However, blocking apps and websites still do not work. It is not also possible to set parental restrictions.

Assistance Options

They claim to provide day and night support via the live chat, which is not available as their website is down.

Price Policy

The Basic version of StealthGenie costs $8 and Platinum is $16. This is one of the most affordable monthly subscriptions available for such software. However, quite the limited functionality should not cost more.


Beneficial Qualities

While preparing the current StealthGenie review, we have paid special attention to the location tracking option, which is truly useful for parents. Receiving notifications when kids enter a prohibited area is helpful. Moreover, the app is working in stealth mode, so there are no surveillance detection issues.

Detected Issues

  • Setting up the app without a proper support may cause trouble.
  • You cannot block unwanted URLs and downloads.
  • The constant Internet connection is required or else you will miss updates and may experience trouble while connecting to the dashboard again.

Supported Devices

Most popular iOS, Android, and BB devices are supported.

Main Point

The app is well designed to maintain the core tracking tasks, advanced features like monitoring Skype and Viber do not work well. The price is affordable and you have three packages to choose the right deal. The main point here is that you cannot use this app as for now, because their website is down, so you will not get the updates.