SpyBubble Review

Those who want to know more about a particular user of a mobile gadget commonly use the SpyBubble application. This software is effective and provides a plethora of useful features, which makes it a good deal for its price. For further reference, check out their website http://www.spybubble.com/ , especially information related to the newest updates. Some of them we will cover in this SpyBubble review because they have significantly worsened our user experience.

Using the App: Key Features

SpyBubble can record calls, provide logs related to incoming and outgoing calls, spy on SMSs, share a phone book with you. Emails and URLs are also monitored so that you receive the same information as the device’s owner.

A well-designed feature is the ability to track photos and some other media content. You can access them on a company’s web server where they are uploaded and stored for your convenience.

SpyBubble is a system of solutions able to provide a full picture of the communication character through its detailed logging history.


Location Tracking

Just like any other mobile spy application, SpyBubble offers GPS location tracking. Google Maps show you the device’s location quite precisely. However, this highly depends on the Internet connection, but parents can still benefit from it.

Ability to Block the Device and Its Applications

The blocking capability of the app is not impressive at all. You cannot block either applications, phone numbers, search keywords, or websites. Therefore, the program lacks parental control abilities.

Company’s Support Options

SpyBubble reviewTheir technical support does not work as you probably expect. They provide email and live-chat help, but it is never instant: you submit an assistance request and then have to wait for their helper to respond. It is annoying that you hardly know how much time this will take.

Another thing is that the company fails to make fast refunds, as they should, according to their price policy. So, if your expectations on the app fail, it may take you plenty time to get your money back. They do not specify when and how you will get a refund and can ignore your prompt messages.

Cost Details

The SpyBubble app costs less than $50 for a three-month period. If you choose a 6-month subscription, you get even a cheaper per month deal – less than $80 for 6 months, which makes it about $13 per month. The software is regularly updated and works with many phone models, so this is a good option for its cost.

User Advantages

In this SpyBubble review, we should admit these user advantages:

  • There is a demo version available online.
  • The app provides a full package of useful options that run well.
  • The software is compatible with many old iOS and Android devices.
  • It is iPad compatible.
  • The company updates this product regularly, check on their website .
  • The installation and deleting processes are straightforward.


Detected Problems

  • You cannot effectively spy on the video content.
  • Calendar info is not available.
  • Blocking options are very limited, as compared to similar spy applications.
  • You cannot use a keyword alert feature.
  • User support quality seems unexpectedly low.

Devices They Support

They support phones and tablets that work on iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. The complete list is available on the “Supported Phones” webpage.

SpyBubble reviewsVital Summary

To sum up this SpyBubble review, the app does not have many useful blocking features and those helpful for parents. This is not a professional or advanced software, but it deals with simple tasks pretty well. However, lack of features often makes you wonder what another app you may try instead.

It does not look like the right option for demanding users, but the newbies will appreciate its design and functionality – it is indeed easy to get started. Another problem is that it does not work with Mac OS, so be careful here and read their “FAQ” section on http://www.spybubble.com/ first.