Revealing the Mobile Spy Software: How It Works

To use mobile spy software, you need a solid understanding of the basic stuff, so we prepared this review to have all the “i’s” dotted. Once you have figured out what this buzz in truly about, you may require more knowledge to choose wisely and avoid common problems with ease.

So, we tried our best to leave out the technical inspection and prepare an overall review of how a typical spy app works. They operate in a similar way, but the setup process and reporting may differ. Either way, no computer degree is required to make this work out for you.


Generally Speaking…

A general issue that you will face is selecting a program. Of course, you will focus on 1) software features and 2) its compatibility with your device/computer and the target apparatus.

Then, you set-up a software package by following the steps provided in a given instruction. Remember that you cannot count on remote install – only physical contact with the apparatus!

Another detail also refers to the target device. You need to unlock it if there is a password or any other kind of lock. You may use some of the tips shared online, but, anyway, you will require some time for that.

Then, you configure the spy program. To do this, you require Wi-Fi or cable Internet to connect to the company’s web server. Only after that, you will access the app’s dashboard to track personal information and data from the monitored gadget. This step is highly important, so do not skip any application requests or else you will have trouble later.

If everything works fine, use a given log in details to check your account and open the dashboard with call logs, recorded calls, SMS logs, email, and more. This dashboard is basically a part of the company’s website with a limited access only for authorized individual users, so you can view the required data from anywhere unless you are online.

Casting a Glance at the Online Dashboard

The online dashboard is the most significant part of the monitoring system used because this is a place, where you see all the reports and can change configurations. It is very convenient that you use only the dashboard and do not require taking the monitored device again.

Typically, your dashboard allows you to

  • Download the report files (photos, videos, logs, and any other recordings) to the device you use.
  • Control the monitored phone remotely (lock/unlock the gadget, delete some applications, and start recordings).
  • Change your account settings.
  • Manage your payments and upgrade your subscription.

The concept looks simple enough. In truth, the technology behind the scenes is breathtaking. The most common problems appear when something goes wrong with software compatibility and Internet connection.

Problem #1: Compatibility

A particular spy app supports a limited number of operating system versions. Moreover, some phone models may conflict with the app as well. That is why jailbreak of Apple devices is usually required and some Android devices need rooting. Most advanced features work properly only on rooted apparatuses.

Problem #2: Internet Connection

Being offline may cause problems even today. A strong connection is crucial or else any app may fail to provide you with the required updates. If a target device is not connected to the Net, the logs on the dashboard will not be updated. Again, no matter what spy program you use and how much your subscription costs, you will not get any meaningful results unless the target device has an Internet connection.

But then, if you lose your Wi-Fi signal, you will also do not get the access to the data needed. Because of that, you may receive the reports with a delay, which can cause a trouble.

Some other problems with spy apps usage may result from installation issues, problems with compatibility, and specific characteristics of yours and target devices. Thereby, do the necessary checks, read the descriptions and instructions provided attentively, and ask the support representatives if there are any complications.