Purchasing Spy Software: How to Match Your Needs with Top Software

Obviously, when purchasing spy mobile software you consider two main points. First, you have some ideas of how the app can help you and seek something with a proper functionality. Second, you probably know about outright scams and unreliable programs that simply do not work as claimed.

This concise guide aims to help you avoid common mistakes and pick something useful within the budget.

Although everything is much easier than it seems, some knowledge and attention to details are necessary to choose best. We will explain you the basics and some vital nuances so that you will find the right solution for you with ease.

Choosing a Software Provider: Right Way – Go Further

So, you have looked through a few reviews and have something in mind. Then, you are likely to visit the website of the software development company.

A reliable business provides their clients with a professional looking website. You need to evaluate the design, pop-ups, contact info, live chat, and so on. Spend some time browsing there and decide whether the company is credible and client-oriented or not.

Note: Contacting their support is an easy way to meet them closer and learn something worthy.

If you are a social media guru, you may start by checking the company’s profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The profile should be updated and offer some nice things for users, e.g. bonuses, coupons, or invitations to events.

Either way, remember to examine the app-related information such as FAQs, instructions, and troubleshooting advice. If you fail to find such information and feel tired and irritated by “Purchase Now” buttons everywhere – this is a wrong way, so go back and try something else.

Good examples of trustworthy websites are websites of FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy, and mSpy. We reviewed these apps and they are as good as the corresponding websites of the producers.

The Importance of Web Presence

You can check the web presence of any company by googling it. If Google does not show their website on the first page of results, this may be a sign of scams, numerous user complaints, or bad practices.

It is a worthy idea to search for a company or app name in the context of scam. Spend some time looking through the received information to judge the truth. Be aware that some users may like or dislike a particular product for personal reasons that are hardly objective.

Thus, check and then check again. The easiest situation is when you found nothing: the choice is simple – avoid such software.

Being in Competition: Price Policies

o-TEXTING-SMARTPHONE-facebookUsually, spy mobile apps offer very similar pricing and term contracts. Typically, you have to pay more for advanced features and the best deals are long-term ones.

You can use these apps on a term contract from three to twelve months of service and renew it manually or automatically.

If you have found something very cheap, as compared to other deals, you should ask questions because high-quality apps cost almost the same. This means that someone sells monitoring services at a lower price – why is that?

Unfortunately, scam providers do that all the time. They drop prices to attract users and then disappear or fail to provide the announced level of services. You should also avoid offers with “one-time payment” and “free future updates.” Updates cost money, so you will hardly get them for free. Some additional products like PhoneSheriff Investigator have a lifetime license, but this is an add-on, not a regular mobile spy app.

Checking Online Reviews: Stay Cautious

Most people use reviews when they are looking for something. However, spy software is hard to choose based on the user reviews. That is because people have different opinions about the same stuff. Moreover, spy software significantly depends on the Internet connection and device compatibility. Thus, many people post negative comments not because the app is designed poorly, but rather because they had some issues caused by side reasons while using it.

Summing up, use different techniques for choosing the right spy application.

Searching for Real Customer Feedback

spySo, the testimonials on the website of the company may be unreliable and not helpful at all. You may also try major software review websites and huge resources like major resellers, but the aforementioned may not be useful for a spy program selection too.

The reason of the described situation is that companies often manipulate on these reviews. For example, a company wants to promote their website, they hire freelance writers who prepare hundreds of comments and post them on their website. So, if you see a bunch of short positive comments, they are likely to be written on demand.

You should get suspicious if a comment does not explain anything, just provides general information like a user has not tried the app at all. Usually, real users provide specific details and explain what they like/dislike about a particular software feature. They advise you instead of trying to force you to purchase one app or another.

Using Websites with Regular Reviews

Regular reviews are not user generated, they are usually written by specialists. Your task is to figure out their reasons to trust their opinion. Many reviews simply aim to sell something without providing you with the answer to the “Why is this app good for me?” question. It is better to skip such posts and look for deeper analysis instead.

Using a review website, ask yourself:

  • Does it provide a collection of reviews of random apps? (Avoid such resources.)
  • Does the information copy those provided on the company’s website? (Not helpful at all.)
  • Are there any additional details based on the user’s experience? (Check it out.)
  • Do users discuss the provided review and share it via social networks? (Worthy your attention.)
  • Who is making the review? (Read materials prepared by experts.)

So, consider the aforementioned questions, stay cautious, and choose wisely!