PhoneSheriff Investigator from Retina X: A New No Jailbreak App

The Mobile Spy makers have presented another product – PhoneSheriff Investigator. What can this program do and why is this spy worth our review? We provided some answers below.

Important update: As of December 2016, Retina X has withdrawn the program, so it is no longer on sale. However, the mSpy company has released a similar application that does almost the same stuff as the Investigator did. For further details, check out our mSpy review.

To have all “t’s” crossed, we examined the PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition, which is a computer-based software in contrast to a regular PhoneSheriff version that is very similar to Mobile Spy. Thus, it works differently and provides other features as stated on their website.


Meet PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition

To begin with, the app is a PC software program developed to monitor only iOS devices, including iPhones, and iPads. The advantage of this solution is that jailbreak of target gadgets is not required making it a good variant for parents who aim to follow the phones of their kids.

The second vital nuance is that you need login Apple details to access the Apple iCloud service to spy on a target device. Another thing to consider is that your PC or laptop should run Windows or else the app will not work properly.

Limitations, Requirements, and Lifetime License

ios7-jailbreakSome limitations significant limitations take place. First, you cannot use PhoneSheriff to spy on Android or BlackBerry devices. Moreover, you can install a purchased software on one computer only. The benefit of this solution is that it allows you to monitor multiple devices through one installation.

You can monitor an Apple device with iOS above 5.x, which is backed up using iCloud storage. You need the access to that storage. Your PC should run Windows 7 or 8, Vista, no XP support.

The app offers a convenient one-time fee, so you purchase a single lifetime license and use the PhoneSheriff Investigator unlimited.

Options and Features

Although the software works differently from other mobile apps, it provides almost the same options and surprises with additional features:

  • Receiving information about messages, including iMessages (logs, sent/received texts).
  • Getting access to call logs details.
  • Tracking the location of last backups on a map, but not real-time.
  • Viewing the photos kept on the monitored gadget.
  • Looking through the list of contacts and related details.
  • Providing Safari bookmarks.
  • Coming at notes kept on the phone or tab.
  • Studying all the Apple account details.

The app has some weaknesses as compared to FlexiSpy and Mobile Spy, but if nothing else works, this is a reliable alternative.


Getting Started

The app is designed so that users do not require technical knowledge to get started.

  1. Ensure that a target device uses iCloud.
  2. Purchase the PhoneSheriff Investigator and install it following the instructions.
  3. Sing into Apple account of the user of monitored device.
  4. Get the data from the device under surveillance.

education, school, technology and internet concept - little studIf the target gadget does not have a related iCloud Apple account, you can set up a free one so that the device will synchronize with the storage and use it for photos, logs, messages, and so on. However, you should do this with the approval of the device owner to keep everything legal. This clever solution helps you to connect to the backup details of the device without connecting to it itself.

Bear in mind that Wi-Fi is necessary to access the iCloud storage. You need an Internet connection to approach the needed data, which will not be recorded if a target device is offline. Such an approach has obvious limitations.

For example, the information is updated irregularly and some significant lags may take place. Another disadvantage is related to the GPS tracking. The app shows where it has been synchronized not all the places where the owner has visited during the day. The need to have the Apple account details also raises some complications. That is why the app works well for spying on your kids and, sometimes, it is appropriate to monitor the company mobile phones of your staff (in case they are aware that their devices are being checked).

Our Assertion

Our team tested this product thoughtfully and some of us use this app on a daily basis. our resume is that works how it should, according to the company’s claims. Retina X has a trusted reputation, which is fairly rare in this kind of business.

Their solution for parents is useful and does not require jailbreaking, which is very convenient and, without a doubt, attracts more people to try the app.

Probably, this app is the best choice to stay tuned to what is happening on the device of your kid. It works differently, as compared to remote control mobile apps, so it normally cannot solve all the tasks that the other mobile spy software do, but the product does not claim to do so. They promise you a nice experience if you have the Apple account ID and comply with other limitations.

The huge (yes, indeed) advantage of this software is that it is easy to manage and set up, as you do not require to jailbreak an Apple device, which often causes lots of complications.

Retina X offers you a great deal: you pay for a lifetime license that costs you only $79. It can monitor a few devices at the same time and works on your Windows computer. If you want to just try it without actually buying the software, they offer a limited Trial version that does not even asks for the details of your credit card.

Some Vital Nuances to Pay Attention To

  • The application only works with iOS 5 and above.
  • You must obtain the Apple account sign in details.
  • Private information is safe, as there is no third party access, apart from your computer.
  • The program does not require a jailbreak.
  • You use your PC to monitor a target device (-s).
  • No upgrades are required because of a one-time fee policy.