MSpy Review

This mSpy review is a bit different from other similar publications because our team has checked the application separately for a couple of months, compared and contrasted our impressions, and then produced the current article to help you make an informed decision on this app. Before you move forward, we recommend you to visit – their website with the core information and instructions provided by the company.

The News

mSpyWhen we started using the app, we found out that some new features were added. The most interesting thing for us is that now the company claims that we could monitor iOS devices without jailbreaking. It looks like the replacement of PhoneSheriff Investigator, but its capacity is limited at the moment. However, this feature is included in every package for free, so there is no point complaining about it.

Also, Keylogger is available for Android and iOS devices. They have just released Snapchat monitoring and Tinder Spy. The latter option makes the software stand out because only they provide such a service as far as we know.

What else? The old news is that mSpy remains the bestseller on the market even after they have cancelled some options and made it more complicated to stay hidden. A year ago, mSpy was also a market leader despite of the fact that it simply offered features very similar to StealthGenie. Back then, it was a comparatively risky choice or so it seemed.

Now, we have a proven track record with many users provided their feedback and real comments related to the software features, including the testimonials here . Check them out when you visit their home page.

Again, we have prepared the current mSpy review based on our experience. It provides you with our conclusions on what makes it different from the competitors, how you can benefit from its features, and what limitations and issues are vital to consider.

mspy review

Main Features: Reporting and Logging

MSpy has all the expected reporting and logging features. Some of them attracted our attention, so we mention them in our mSpy review:

  • Monitoring messenger services include a long list of monitored activities: Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Snapchat, Tinder, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger.
  • Keylogger is a unique feature to this app that reports texts typed on the monitored device. This feature works for different platforms and gives access to passwords, messages, emails, and other typed data.
  • There are different management features, including setting the reporting frequency, so it takes time to get familiar with them. This feature theoretically helps you avoid sending data for an extra charge for the device’s owner.

GPS Location Tracking Feature and Geo Fencing

Tracking the phone, you may enjoy the map view and get a location list for a certain time or time period. The Geo Fencing feature also works pretty well categorizing the visited places, remembering them, telling you the action, and providing time logs.

Decent Blocking Capability

  • You can block some phone numbers and, therefore, stop receiving calls from them.
  • Blocking access to pre-define websites works fine. We found this useful for parents as well as for employers.
  • App blocking is our favorite feature in terms of blocking capabilities of mSpy. You can remotely block selected apps installed on the device. My colleague successfully used it to manage her kids’ Internet surfing.
  • You can also block the device itself, remove data, cancel some notifications, and launch other apps.

Support on Demand

mspy reviewsMSpy has an interesting support service called MAssistance. This is a premium feature and they charge about $44 for it. MAssistance is designed to help newbies set up the app. Basically, this is a remote assistance provided by a technician who can root or jailbreak your apparatus if required and install the software. He or she does everything so that you could get started. However, you need to keep the devices handy and remember to choose this option when completing the purchasing process.

We managed to set the app without difficulties, nothing was reported by my colleagues either. Thus, it looks like an extensive feature in our opinion, but you may probably benefit from it.

Anyway, they provide day and night phone support and online chat that you can login using your Facebook account. Some useful, concise answers you can also get on their FAQs page. Not all the aforementioned assistance options are free of charge. For example, phone support is provided for one-time $12.99 payment, as their website states. However, we have not tried this service, so no other comments here.


Packages on Sale

Having a live demo site is a helpful option. You can look around and generate questions to be asked to their supporters. The website version is clickable, so move around, click on buttons, and experience the app.

We chose from two packages. Some of us purchased mSpy Basic while the others – mSpy Premium. The former covers standard things like call and text logging, reporting web history, and GPS tracking. All the advanced, fancy stuff is packed in the Premium version. However, the Premium costs almost as two Basic packages, check this out:

  • Basic/Premium – $29.99/$69.99 (1 month)
  • Basic/Premium – $ 59.99/$ 119.99 (3 months)
  • Basic/Premium – $ 99.99/$ 199.99 (12 months)

If you require monitoring the mobile device for a short time, do not overpay for a longer subscription. Anyway, you have a good choice.

You can use mSpy with the No Jailbreak required add-on without extra costs. This works for any package.

Another possibility worth mentioning is the Bundle kit that for $84.99 (1 month) offers you all premium features and computer tools. This looks like quite an expensive deal, but this may cover your needs.

The payments are secured, so choose among Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPalm and some other options. The refund can be made within 10 days after the purchase, according to their Refund Policy conditions.

Other Great Features: No Jailbreak Version

MSpy created an add-on that allows users to monitor iOS devices without jailbreak. It works like a system of remote monitoring of the associated iCloud storage. Therefore, you need to get the account detail instead of jailbreaking the apparatus. This can often cause less trouble, but sometimes it really does.

Something We Do Not Like

You should carefully check if their latest version supports your actual device. Don’t skip searching for your device model on their “Compatibility” webpage. Yes, this takes time, but why should you bother if the app will not work afterwards? My colleague tried to set up the program three times before we figured out that her smartphone was not supported. Consider also the simple fact that most features work fine only when the target device is rooted (for Android) or jailbroken (for iOS).

mspy.comAnother point that we should make here is that the No Jailbeak version for iOS is less effective, as compared with a standard version. If the iCloud backup service works with failures, the monitoring itself is far less extensive. You can only track text messages, call logs, a list of contacts, browser history, events, notes, and most popular messengers. Their widely advertised Timber spying, for example, is not possible with this software version.

But the most serious weakness from our point of view is their new policy. Now you have to choose the purpose why you use the app: to monitor employees, underage children, or other monitoring. For the former two selections, you can hide the icon on the device screen. For the latter one, you do not have such an option. This means – no privacy at all, the owner sees the mobile spy app and you have no means to hide it. The Keylogger also brings the same problem because it installs as an extra layout, so its icon can also appear and disappear.

Supported Gadgets

The software works on mobile phones and tablets, compatible with Android version 4 and up and iOS version up to 9.0.2. We highly encourage you to check the compatibility of your device model before trying the demo or buying a full-range program.

Our Verdict

MSpy is an American-born product, worthy attention. They successfully compete with other companies assuring safety and security for their clients. As for us, you should install mSpy only if you really need the provided features. Their standard monitoring services are quite good while the advanced tools are costly and they did not work fine for us, at least during these past months.

The advantages that some of us truly appreciated are the Keylogger and their Dashboard – simple, but functional (cannot say anything more because it is typical for such kind of software). We definitely recommend you to ignore the No Jailbreak version if possible because its functionality is limited and the obtained results are heavily affected by the iCloud backup system and Internet connection.

The problem is that some applied legal regulations forced the company to change their policies recently. For example, we still cannot calm down after they have implied their new privacy policy. Even though we tried to hide that icon using numerous online guidelines, it did not work in all the cases. This is simply annoying as well as the additional payment requirement when I tried to get a phone assistance for my Basic package.

Summing up, this mSpy review contains many details and our personal opinions. You may also use their official explanation on . Without a doubt, there are many moments to consider and then keep in mind while using the application. We wish that the hidden mode remained or else everything looks like a scam.