How to Set Up Your Mobile Spy Software: Installation Process Nuances

Being a newbie, you may wonder how to make mobile spy software actually work, what nuances to remember about, and why it may not work after all. Doing everything right from the beginning is a vital part of your success, which ensures that a chosen app will work appropriately. Unfortunately, incorrect installation is still among the most spread reasons why the spy program does not work.

We have completed this consistent guide to help you install spy software. Our first advice is very simple: do not rush, take your time, and, therefore, avoid pitfalls. Simple errors are easy to make, but hard to repair without deleting the program and starting from scratch. Thus, be patient, read the guide, and then install the app and make it work in a matter of minutes.

Basic Principles Are the Same – Attention to Details!

smartphone-spywareAlthough most spy applications are installed in a similar way, tiny differences are there. Do not spend hours trying to learn all of them unless you want to become a tech guru; rather follow the given instructions attentively.

In most cases, the installation steps are very similar, but their order may differ or the delivery may look not the same. This material below covers all the vital details to provide you with the necessary guidelines and useful tips.

Do the Homework

Learning the background theory and completing the preparation stage are necessary elements of your success. We recommend you to begin by looking through our guide to mobile spy software to learn how to choose the app wisely and what requirements and limitations to bear in mind. Rule number one: you must pick up a program compatible with your device.

The second rule is purchasing an appropriate package so that you would receive all the features that you require. Do not struggle with setting up an Android spy app for an iOS device. Do not hurry!

It takes minutes to study our concise guides on mSpy, Mobile Spy, FlexiSpy, and some other apps to learn their requirements, characteristics, and limitations. You will get a plethora of useful information, e.g. FlexiSpy provides you with a great installation wizard.

What else? Finally yet importantly, provide your working email when registering and check it often while installing the program, so you will not miss any important notices.

Installation Process

63470Here, we will highlight absolutely important things without trying to describe every situation.  So, the picture looks like it is portrayed below with little differences, which was explained above.

You have purchased a chosen app, the transaction was successful, and you received an email from the company. Usually, you also get an email with your transaction details. We recommend you to keep the information provided in the former email, as you will require it to access an online dashboard and create your account at the first place.

Now then, you also have the download link and guidelines on what to do next. Remember that every instruction, note, and information provided is important. If something does not matter, it is not there – very simple. Another crucial detail: you must open that link in the web browser of the target device unless anything else is stated.

Meanwhile, do not miss the moment when you will be asked to enter the application activation code. This code is included in the company’s email, along with the instructions on how to use it. Usually, you only have to copy/paste it.

Then, you will be prompted to restart the apparatus to complete the process. Note: Some programs may not require a restart, but we recommend you to do it anyway.

Another piece of expert advice: delete the downloaded file and clear the browser history to hide the fact the spy app has been installed on the device.

The last stage involves configuring the settings such as notifications, reporting intervals, and some other. You can complete this stage using the online dashboard that is accessible from any device you normally use. Note: You need to check the compatibility of chosen software with your computer, smartphone, or tablet before purchasing the app.

Here is another nuance: some applications require time to begin reporting, so wait for about a half an hour. You need a strong Internet connection and your device should be up and running.

If you still have the target device handy, you may test the app by sending SMSs, browsing a webpage, or making a call. Thus, you will ensure that the app works appropriately.

Working with Online Dashboard

Usually, you need to open the company’s website and login to the dashboard from their home page. Anyway, you will be given proper guidelines in the email. Some programs call a dashboard as “My Program Name,” e.g. popular Stealthgenie calls it “My Genie.”

The options provided by the dashboard may slightly differ depending on the app itself and the purchased package. First, you will get access to the texts sent and received. Second, be able to check the GPS location on the map. Third, you often can address the files stored on the monitored device.

To familiarize yourself with the system, just click on everything that you see and study what each icon and button hides. If you have tried a demo version before, you should not have any trouble with the full version.

Some apps allow their users to control everything from this central hub. Usually, you do not even need to access the monitored device anymore. For example, you can uninstall the spy software remotely without having the apparatus handy.

Your account details and settings are also managed in the dashboard. You may change your subscription from this area or renew it with ease. Thus, this is the place to deal with almost everything related to the app, spying process, and your account.

In this review, we could not include everything, some details stay out of the story, but now you have the general understanding of how things work and what nuances can cause trouble.