Highster Mobile Review

highster_box_300-271x300The Highster Mobile spy app is in great request, so we also decided to test it to figure out what benefits it offers and what problems may arise. This Highster Mobile review covers the features useful for suspicious users, including a brief outline of its strengths and weaknesses. The basic facts about the software are presented on http://highstermobile.com/ . We strongly recommend you to check their website, starting from their “How It Works” section.


We installed the app on a few devices to try different features and compose a Highster Mobile review based on personal opinions. The installation process was fast and convenient.

Highster Mobile

Reporting and Logging – Main Features

The app offers call, SMS, and text tracking. An address book is also traceable. Now it also allows you to access to the popular messenger chats and social networks such as iMessages, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The users can also view emails and media files.

The feature that we consider quite interesting is the Stealth camera. Probably, it is useful in case your target device’s owner does not carry the apparatus in the back pocket all along.

Tracking GPS Location

This feature works quite nice. You can track the movements and whereabouts of the monitored gadget on Google Maps, updated in regular intervals.


Poor Blocking Capability

Blocking features are limited: no parental control and no website block. Remote uninstall of the program and remote lock features are included.

Support Options

On their website http://highstermobile.com/ , they provide a request form where you can add attachments to describe your problem properly. They also claim to provide phone support in business hours. But I could not get at them this afternoon.

Highster Mobile ReviewPackages Available

Unlike their main competitors, Highster Mobile sells the product, not a subscription. They charge about $70 as a one-time payment.

Live Control Panel

The most important benefit the program provides is its Live Control Panel. It makes tracking easy because basic and advanced features are organized mindfully in one single display.

The Program’s Weaknesses

We admit that the provided features are too simple for such kind of spy software. For example, lack of parental control is a big disadvantage. Besides, many mobile devices are not supported.

Supported Devices

You need to check out their “Compatibility” webpage where they affirm that the app works with all cell phone service providers and many iOS and Android devices.

General Assessment

We definitely find it useful to make a one-time payment and use Highster Mobile unlimited. However, this affordable solution is quite simple and it is not designed to comply with complex monitoring tasks.