FlexiSpy Review

We have worked on this FlexiSpy review for a while to guarantee that it includes our impressions along with the most important notes about this piece of software. Out team analyzed its safety, usability, price, best features, support, and user disadvantages.  Their official resource is http://www.flexispy.com/ . It contains the description of the core features, compatibility explanation, FAQs, Video Guide, and lots of other information if you have time to browse their website. There is plenty of everything, so let us focus on the app, not on their popping chat window.

FlexiSpy is the first mobile spy product that catches your attention after StealthGenie was suspected in illegal actions and mSpy removed its hidden mode and stopped recording calls. However, we still consider its price quite high, especially for the advanced features. Either way, we tried their latest and most advanced Extreme version with important updates and new gems. What is special about this product?

flexispy reviewNote: in April 2016, we checked their website and have to admit that it looks more professional and thoroughly designed than it used to be. However, the main changes were made to the FlexiSpy Control Panel that helps users manage their accounts and actually spy on the target devices. Many colleagues of mine consider this dashboard the most effective and convenient one among the other spy software dashboards. Although I actually do not think so, I should admit that the reports are quick to find, updates are organized so that it is not hard to catch the main point, and remote commands are fast to set up.

Using the FlexiSpy: Two Packages

The app comes in two packages: the Premium package is packed with standard features while their Extreme version offers some advanced options. To compare these two packages quickly, visit their “Buy Now” webpage that contains the contrast of the core differences between the Premium and Extreme packages.

The former one provides message tracking (SMSs and most popular messengers), call logs, notes, calendar, contacts, media content (pictures, music, and video), browsing history, bookmarks, a list of apps, and locations.

The latter version adds a Password Cracker, call recording, camera and microphone control, and some spoofing tools, and it costs more.

Call Tracking and Logging

Their Extreme version is updated to intercept a live call and record it and the apparatus surroundings. Such a package is available only in FlexiSpy, as far as we know. They have become the leaders here after our favorite mSpy and decent Mobile Spy withdrew such options. Since FlexiSpy team is not based in the U.S., they can continue providing call recording features without any legal complications. However, you are not allowed to apply this monitoring software for illegal purposes, so think twice to ensure that you stay within the applicable regulations and laws.

Maybe, other companies will do something about the situation and continue offering call recording and intercepting services, but as for now, only FlexiSpy is an option.

FlexiSPYAdvanced Tracking

The program uses a live map to show where the apparatus is currently found. It is also possible to view so-called historical locations so that you will find out where and when the phone and its owner have been during a defined time period. The Control Center is the place where you may create a bounded area if required and set up an alert when it is entered. You may also set up a notification if the device leaves a pre-defined/allowed area. This is a good parental control tool.

Company’s Customer Service

The software is ergonomic, but you can also purchase the installation wizard to get started. You may contact their phone support, write them an email, or check out the FAQ section. Their website http://www.flexispy.com/ is quite informative and currently provides information in 12 languages, including Chinese and Russian. We did not test their support but hope that it would work fine in case you need it. Just remember that their phone line works well only during business hours, so you may not be able to reach a helper fast during weekends.

Prices and Conditions

The Premium version of FlexiSpy is available for 1, 3, or 12 months and costs from $68 to $149. The Extreme version starts from $199 per 3 months. A subscription for 12 months is $349. The prices include all the payments, so they are final. The latter version also has a free bonus – a Password Cracker subscription.

In comparison, the FlexiSpy Premium is competitive with mSpy, Mobile Spy, and some other similar monitoring software. The Extreme one is much more expensive. This is like the professional version that is able to record calls, intercept them, and track the surroundings. Thus, decide on whether you actually need these advanced options or not. Also, consider if your device and the network support all those features or else they will not work correctly.

Anyway, you offer a 10-day full refund option. According to numerous comments, this policy works fine. The only thing that gets us suspicions is that so many people actually have used it.

FlexiSpy Reviews

User Advantages

In this FlexiSpy review, we cannot omit their installation service, also called as a White Glove option, which is available from their main webpage. This is a smart tool for technically challenged people and those who want the process to become a piece of cake. So, get an expert’s assistance while rooting your Android device or jailbreaking the Apple gadget. This service is payable and costs $39.

The vital nuance here is to synchronize the time when you have the target device handy with the time when a technician is ready to help you. You are also required to connect the apparatus to the laptop or computer. Although they recommend scheduling the appointment with the helper in advance, we find it a bit challenging. Thus, try this option only if you are super-organized, but lazy or, on the contrary, hardworking, but truly in trouble.

One of the impressive things about FlexiSpy is that the app has the longest list of chat and social messenger monitoring services among similar software: Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook messenger, Skype, Line, WeChat, Yahoo messenger, Google Hangouts, iMessage, SnapChat, BB Messenger, and even BB Pin. They cover a long dozen of services and work to add more. However, remember that not all the devices are compatible with every aforementioned feature.


In this FlexiSpy review, we should pay your attention to some small, yet beneficial things that can improve your user experience significantly like

  • Receiving notifications sent to your email or phone if a particular phone number is dialed or a certain keyword is typed in the browser field.
  • Viewing a list of software installed on the monitored apparatus. You can close the apps or add-ons to uninstall them remotely.
  • Updating, deleting, and stopping the spy app without having the device handy. You can update and manage FlexiSpy using the Control Center. This also refers to the updating your app version to the Extreme one.
  • Recording passwords, codes, and usernames entered on the device with the Password Cracker. This option is a gem that you get free of charge with the Extreme version of the program. However, you may also pay for it separately to employ with the Premium version. This keylogger is used mainly to monitor the social accounts more efficiently.

Note: Be careful using such private gen. You have a legal right to do so only if you spy on your kids or employees. The latter should know that their apparatuses are being checked.

Finally yet importantly, if you are tech savvy, enjoy the ability to transfer your license cross platform, e.g. you may change not only your device but the platform too. This is the obvious benefit to those users, who have purchased a 12-month package.

Detected Problems and Limitations

The recording on Android only works rightly if the device is rooted and the call connection is nearly perfect, so this is not an option for areas with poor signal reception. We had such a trouble when only short parts of the conversation were recorded properly.

The call intercept feature is something worthy – you can add your phone to the conversation and just listen to it live – but it really works only for some devices. Recently, they have added iOS devices to the list, but either way, your device should allow a three-way calling. Your mobile service provider can help you to figure this out. Thus, consider whether you truly require an Extreme package if this option does not work in a proper manner. We think of call intercept as a bit too much except you are a private detective or serve in a security sector.

Note: They also offer you to try a new VOIP call intercept option. It allows listening to live calls made using Viber, Skype, and WhatsApp.

After rooting Android, it is reasonable to hide the SuperUser app icon and after any Apple device jailbreaking – the Cydia program icon. You should do that to stay hidden, so look for good guidelines and use them attentively.

Compatible Versions – Devices They Support

Firstly, the device should have an Internet capacity: either GRPS or Wi-Fi.  Secondly, this app supports devices with Android (up to v. 6), iOS (up to v. 9.0.x), BlackBerry (up to v. 7.1), and Symbian (Anna and Belle based). Be careful since the app still does not support all the old models, so check out here: http://www.flexispy.com/ for more help. Besides, Apple gadgets should be jailbroken first. Another detail: some features require more work to get started and run in due course. For example, you need to root your Android to record calls.

Note: They have announced that FlexiSpy will be available for OS 9.1 soon, so stay tuned.


Vital Summary

The obvious benefits of FlexiSpy are its advanced features. Considering that the app keeps you hidden if you conceal the icon on the monitored apparatus, this is a very reasonable choice. The problem is that FlexiSpy can be detected by antivirus software. We had such a problem and could not deal with it using the task manager to calm down the antivirus because the spy app’s processes are invisible there.

The company regularly provides updates and vital information, so bookmark their website. As a non-U.S. based entity, they are unlikely to be taken down because of legislative complications. However, the legislation concerning the private rights becomes stricter in other countries too, so be careful to comply with the current regulations.

To sum up this FlexiSpy review, we recommend you to try their demo version before making any decisions. It would give you almost the same user experience as if you used a full version of the software. You will see that the spy system is quite complex, provides many features, and is simply too much for most users. Even the Premium version gives you many options considered as advanced by other companies. Probably, something less advanced like mSpy would be more suitable, convenient to you. Moreover, it costs almost the same for a yearly contract, but provides better support options.