Double stroller: how to choose it?

Double stroller: how to choose it?

Whether you are expecting twins or have children close together baby journey review, you will need to equip yourself with a double stroller to make your trips easier. But which stroller to choose? Faced with the immense offer available to you, you may be lost. The answer happens to be simple: the one that getups your needs! Here are this tips for choosing the right double stroller and a selection of your favorite models.

Double stroller: choose according to your lifestyle

There is not only the aesthetic side in the choice of a stroller: there is especially the use that you will make of it. 

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Here are some questions to ask yourself:

– Are you going to make important journeys every day;

– If you reside in town or into the countryside;

– If you like to walk in the forest or in nature:

– Or if, on the contrary, it is for purely urban use.

There is no point in having a stroller with large all-terrain wheels, a little heavier, if you live in the city!

A double stroller in line or side by side?

There are two types of double strollers on the market:

Some strollers also allow one child to face you and the other to the road, so that they can see each other for example. It’s up to you to decide what you prefer, knowing that in-line strollers are more compact and squeeze through small sidewalks, and that to pass in an elevator, better to forget the side by side.

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Choose a double stroller according to size, maneuverability and weight

In the car or to store it in your house or apartment, the folding of the stroller is an essential criterion. It will also depend on your car, and its trunk, if it is spacious, or rather small. In this case, prefer compact models when folded.

Beyond the use you will have of the stroller, the fact that it is easy to handle is far from a detail. Whether your infants won’t weigh heavy the first few months to one year, that’s another story. The stroller has to be easy to handle. 

The equipment included in the double stroller

Rain cover, cozy, basket, changing bag, the equipment included in the stroller are an important point to explore. A stroller may seem expensive to you, but in the end, you may have little or no accessories to buy, those little things that can quickly add up to the costs and almost drop the price of a small stroller from simple to simple.

Some manufacturers produce double strollers, in which the blocks are placed back to each other.


Often, parents of newborns wonder about the advisability of purchasing strollers for twins. Is it really up to the mark making that kind of a purchase or is it better to opt for standard models? Immediately, you note that a young mother will not be able to walk with two strollers. Therefore, in this case, a special children’s vehicle is a must! Plus, twin strollers are much cheaper than two standard strollers.