Cydia Spy App: Keeping Jailbreak in Secret

Obviously, you want to conceal that you have jailbroken the iPhone of your employee, spouse, or teenage daughter. Although using monitoring apps is often justified, the point here is that it is essential to disguise that fact. Using the Cydia app, you will have to remove or simply hide the icon that will appear on the screen of the apparatus that you spy on.

By good fortune, you can deal with the icon without deleting the mobile spy software. Moreover, this option is free for you!

Keeping Your Intentions in Hidden

Scydia-icon-222x231ome great mobile spy apps, including Cydia, require jailbreaking the device to access the needed information. The problem that arises here is a big new icon on the main screen of the checked phone. This Cydia icon tells the person who owns the Apple device that it is being tracked. So, to stay in the shadows, you must take some steps.

Cydia is like an online store, which offers useful apps not supported by Apple, but sometimes quite useful. You cannot remove the app without deleting the jailbreak. The solution is pretty straightforward, you can apply it with ease. Some great advice is provided on the Cydia website, and we will share the best strategy with you.

Taking Action

  1. Open Cydia website and find “SB Settings” application (it can do lots of things, but we will make use of it to remove/hide an app icon from the iPhone screen).
  2. Download that free program and install it.
  3. Open SB Settings and select “Settings,” then “More,” and then “Hide Icons”.
  4. Look through the list of icons, find Cydia, and choose “Off” (so you hide the chosen icon).
  5. Hide the SB setting icon as well (just in case).

Consequently, the icon will be kept from sight, but the app will remain installed, up and running. So, you hide the signs that the target Apple device is monitored. Only 5 steps to take – and the issue is solved!

Moving in Reverse Direction

iphone-spy-app-no-jailbreakWhat if you required to unhide the icons? To make the icons visible again (for some strange reason), change the settings, or hide other programs, you just do one thing: move the status bar in the “Hide Icons” menu, changing the mode from “Off” to “On” or vice versa. This looks like a piece of cake and it is.

In the event you require some more information, tips, or suggestions on how to track an iPhone, check out our other articles.

We also recommend you to consider using a no jailbreak option. There are truly useful solutions to monitor your family members. MSpy no jailbreak version is worth your attention. This is a desktop version, which does not work on mobile devices. If you prefer something more traditional, think of FlexiSpy. The main reviews give you the complete specifications of the main features, limitations, and benefits of the aforementioned software.