Appmia Review

appmia review

Link to Appmia website:

What we liked: Competitive range of features, availability of GPS tracking, flexible pricing, customer support.

What we didn’t like: No trial period; you need physical access to the target device. Jailbreak/rooting is mandatory.

The bottom line: Appmia may not be the most sophisticated tracking software, but, considering the price and the variety of features, it’s a solid choice for most users.

Appmia functionality

The main reason you’ve come to our Appmia review is probably the range of features offered by the program. The first thing that needs to be said is that here you will likely find every tracking feature you can imagine. Here are the most noteworthy ones (you can find more information on Appmia website,

  • Messages: now you can not only get access to the text messages sent through the standard apps like iMessage, but also the conversations from the main chatting apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber.
  • Call interception: record incoming and outgoing calls and listen to them either immediately or download them for future use. Recorded calls can be accessed from your personal dashboard.
  • Multimedia files: if you’ve always wondered what kind of photos and videos are stored on the target device, now you can stop guessing and start monitoring! Plus, you even get an opportunity to delete certain media files.
  • Contacts and call history: you can not only record and monitor calls, but also see the complete address book and a detailed call log with dates, numbers, and call duration.
  • Email and browser activity: read the inbox and sent emails via Gmail and other popular mail services. Get full information regarding the web activity on the target phone, including visited pages and bookmarks.

Remote control

appmia reviewPerhaps, one of the strongest features of Appmia that we simply had to mention in our Appmia review is the surprisingly broad remote control functionality offered by the software. If you suspect any illegal or unwanted activity taking place on the target phone, you can remotely block access to a broad specter of items, from incoming calls to websites. You can even block certain applications from launch!


No matter how useful the software is, without an easy to use and clear user interface you will not be able to get the most out of the program. Luckily, with Appmia it’s not a problem, since their dashboard is one of the best ones we’ve seen so far. As soon as you buy the software, you get your own user page that has every piece of information you may be looking for, presented in a clear and easily accessible manner. What we especially liked is that you can use the dashboard from any device, including PC, tablet, and mobile phone.

How much does it cost?

Appmia website, has a section dedicated to their pricing and packages. One thing needs to be said: Appmia doesn’t offer a free trial period for future users to test out the software, which means that if you want to know how Appmia works before buying, you will have to study our Appmia review and refer to their website, where they have a demo version with all the main features.

As for the prices, there are three possible packages. The Basic is the most affordable ones, but it certainly lacks the most popular features. There is also Premium, which is slightly more expensive, but offers broader functionality. Finally, there is Extreme, which sold with a lifetime of free updates. We recommend choosing between Premium and Extreme – everything depends on how long you’re planning to use the software for.


Which devices are supported?

With a few exceptions, Appmia claims to support nearly every iOS and Android device, regardless of the OS version. However, to be absolutely sure that your target device is compatible with the software, you can go to and enter the device model – the system will tell you whether that particular device works with Appmia.


After having tested and studied the software for our Appmia review, we came to the conclusion that this tracking program has a wide range of potential customers. We wouldn’t recommend it to professionals, as they can find more sophisticated software on the market. However, if you’re a regular user who wants to gain access to a target device and take advantage of the most important monitoring functions, Appmia can be your perfect choice, considering its clear dashboard, comprehensive functionality, constant customer support, and affordable pricing model. The only thing we didn’t like is the necessity to either jailbreak or root the target phone, but if you have no problem with that, you’re guaranteed to enjoy Appmia and everything it has to offer!